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we're here to ProtectYour Company & Personal data

WecripT Search Engine

Relaunching in January - 2023

A private search engine that allows the Users to feel safe and exit the internet with no search track and complete data Confidentiality!

Wecript - Biometric Card

Private and Secured biometric card to protect your money

introducing biometric payment and access cards built on Zwipe’s technology, Zwipe is pioneering the deployment of the next-generation biometric payment and access control cards globally.

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WecripT Metaverse

B2B metaverse marketplace virtual trade Show

B2B Metaverse Marketplace or virtual trade show platform, the Trade show will help all companies from around the Globe to showcase, launch, and test all their products!

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WecripT Media

Will be launched in December 2022

Enabling more voices to be heard, more stories to be told and more exposure to significant events to be shared

WecripT Secure SaaS

Custom built Blockchain and Ai based Enterprise SaaS Solution

Secure SaaS is a customised Enterprise secured Solution For all your business needs, whether you are a start-up or a large enterprise

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Secured mobile application

It includes Messenger Browser, Photo editor, Search Engine app and few more

WecripT Messenger is relaunching in January 2023, Offering an extra layer of security and privacy while Communicating with others with the help of Blockchain. In the meantime, you can Enjoy our other Secured essential day-to-day apps.

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WecripT Ecommerce

Coming in December 2022

Maintaining Privacy and Security while shopping online is more attainable now than ever, because we are more than just a reliable eCommerce Platform

Licensing & consultancy

to secure your company Data

Providing customised internet or network-related systems or solutions including setting up internet-based services according to your Enterprise.


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sKarn roboticS products and services {WecripT Ecosystem} We offer the products that protect the right to Privacy, Freedom & Information.